Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what about koc wanita??

seriously, i only knew bout koc wanita when i came back to my hometown.. a good friend of mine told me and i was awe in disbelief.. hahaha like


- bunga?
-bulu rambu?
- bling2??

okay so imangination run wayyyyyy to far..
i never thought the malaysian government was soooo thoughtful that they reserved the middle coach (guess that is the safest as if anything happen, front and rear coach have higher risk of having accident.. ) for the ladies..

ok wutever happens
supposingly, koc wanita for ladies la, right?
ehem well things just dont go right sometimes

as it comes to my surprise, inside that coach there are PLENTY of men

not boys but men..

yes.. M . E . N


so it like typical usual coach. not much difference

possibly the koc wanita signage wasnt that obvious.. i only realize the signage after i entered the coach.. (the signages were pasted in and out the coach..)

YES.. to make it obvious lets paint it pink then!!!

but then.. these men..

ehem some MEN in the coach are acting idiotically..

some of them were just laughing like,.. really loud.. (ini koc perempuan, sopan sikit ye??!!!)

some bangla's kept wanting to enter the ladies coach.. (tak reti baca kot)

and... there's is one man... and a girl.. eiyeeee so geram one... i mean it~! they were cuddling, PDA-ing in between a bunch of makciks and aunties... WHAT THE???!!

ok so these chinese couple were cuddling, kissy-kissy..


and these chinese auntie behind me whispering to her malay friend, also a makcik.. "doesnt he know that this is a ladies coach?? haiyaa~!!

caught!! his wearing yellow tees

(sorry gelap cuz nampak handbag and tangan orang sahaja)

so do you think that their action should be in ladies coach??

so whats the point of having ladies coach?

it was supposedly for women that are not comfortable with th presence of men, muslims women or women from other faiths that avoid physical contact with men for certain religious matters, women with babies and/or kids, preggers, elderly and many2 more (including women whose having their 'that time of the month' and had PMS'!!!)

so what do you think then??

PDA = public display of affection
PMS = pre menstrul syndrome aka sengugut


ainil said...


AMY MATOTO said...

mase balik hari tu..
ade 3 orang bangla tu slamber je masok koc pompuan..
pastu mata diorang terkebil2 tgk rmai pompuan yg ade dlm koc tu

ainil said...

gatai tul