Thursday, February 3, 2011

online narcisisst, are you??

well i somewhat read this in a local magazine.. asking "are you an online narcissist??" i was like,... "menatang ape tuuu???" i knew narcissist is something, someone, and almost like when a person is loving him/herself too much, terlalu self-concious, -absorbed.. senang cerita kau bangga diri la with what you have, done, said, own, achieved, and the list goes on and on.. then i thought, aku salah seorang daripada nya atau tak?? kan??

well, after a while of evaluation, i was, i mean WAS *stressing the past tense, darlings* narcissistic.. i mean c'mon.. maybe itu function nya does tweets and status updates, and yeahhh like this one.. BLOGGING.. soo when it gets too much, people gona get sick.. right??

so if you updated your status every other 5minutes with your crappy thoughts and irrelevant status, oh-mak-kau-aku-lagi-pemes like

"my results sucks/i crashed my dad's car/i'm grounded cuz i broke curfew/caught minum air ketum and feel like the end of the world.. mari terjun sg klang"
*unsur macam kau nak mati esok padahal lusa aku nampak kau makan aiskrim kat mid valley dengan awek*

"aku nak gi jamban in another 5.78 secs kejap lagi.."
*unsur perlu-bkerr-bagitau?!*

"OMG, OMG pakwe ai belikan ai sebijik ferrari!!" dan "harini bapak aku bg aku balik kampus naik private jet*
*unsur tayang harta*

"hari ni i hangout dengan artis dot dot dot meletops yang masuk melodi tiap minggu tuuu.."
*unsur tumpang muka kat tivo AND gila-glamer*

"aku ada latest phone/iphone/baju/kereta/kasut/designer goodies yang limited edition/special edition/bunker edition/anniversary mak-bapak aku edition.. EKAU HADOO???"
*unsur aku mamat-minah hap-tu-det*

well obviously im exagerating the words.. hyperbola??

even there's a statistics saying that Malaysians like to upload picture albums more than other countries dalam bola hijau-biru yang pusing-pusing atas paksinya.. haha.. ada tu just to show their everyday life, what they are currently doing..
contoh: tunjuk bakat macam amek photos ke.. mane taw rezeki kan.. tapi kalau termaktub dalam 5 perkara diatas.. ehemmm pikir la sendiri..

so it wasnt wrong to update your status, tweets and everything online.. cuz that is where your friends get to know what's current, what you were actually doing and everything.. but you will know when actually people starts to menyampah and everything on you.. time tu kita kena slowly take a step back and do everything in a lower pace..

budak baju belang-belang tu online narcissist terlampau

featured on blog's list!

so here's a print screen of it.. credits to bysandraazwan

BTW sandra azwan is actually a fresh fashion designer.. so if you saw Alyah's cool clothes in her performances, he's the one who designed it for her!!

p/s: sandra, i hope you dont mind mentioning your name here.. hehehe anyway thanks again!!