Thursday, January 6, 2011

cousie's engagement 1

the happy pengantin-to-be!
well practically this is my first for 2011!! happy 2011 everyone!! okay dont get too psyched.. well ive been enjoying my semester break with my family! so here's a bit of snippets of what happened!

honestly, I suck at taking pictures.. lagi-lagi tak biasa pakai kamera tu.. haha but these ones are totally family pictures..

caused i suck at photos + banyak gelak = pictures meraban..
but i love these meraban pictures! memories perhaps??

we so many people around you, it's hard to take pictures AND move around.. seriously, memang stuffy gilerr masa upacara sarung cincin.. it's very intimate family gathering by sebelah abah punye side.. and very PEACHY!

supposingly for breakfast..

cincin lelaki.. (i forgot nak ambil gambar cincin perempuan awal-awal.. teheehee)

another cake!

the bride-to-be.. loveeellyyy isnt she??

my abang ajip considered as orang-orang tua now... IDK why both of my brothers bagai diPAM macam belon udara!
a merisik-meminang-tunang-kahwin must have.. TEPAK SIREH.. but tak tau la siapa nak makan sireh ni.......

favours #1
ohh. they had cuppies and sweets and berkat and this and that as favours!
berkat: a malaysian JAVANESE (not java coffee neither java applications.. it's jawa... get it?) word used refering to dishes served on for the occasion, packed and given away to guests.

i'm guessing she's next!

my auntie said she's waiting for her first million, THEN kahwin.. haha nak buat macam tu jugak la

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Fahmi Raazali said...

baru bertunang... aku tgk dah macam majlis nikah dah...

huhu... aku jugak xpernah terlibat dgn majlis ptunangan ni... belum ada peluang nk tlibat ;-)