Sunday, May 15, 2011

distressed punya angan

credits: GLAM malaysia

i always ALWAYS wanting to do a beauty shoot.. but ehemmm for personal keepings je la kan.. having classmates of photogs actually make it whole lot easier.. tp i kindda sedar that i need 10 inches of makeup because of my zit scars, and my non-existent upper lips and sparse-y eyebrows and lalala.. and hell yeah!! i suck at putting makeup on myself... shizzzyyyy... bluarghhh..

so instead of ME being taken pictures, I, AINIL would like to see people wearing the clothes i like!! few times a stylist and yada yada.. the rest, history.. and wnat to style more and MORE people.. soo i really want a picture taken like above! distressed, androgynous-y, military kinda look with boots and studs and extremely noised pictures with sepia filtered images.. it somewhat represent me and what goes on my mind for the past few months.. EXTREMELY DISTRESSED.. soo who is with me???

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