Monday, July 19, 2010

5 sebab untuk date seorang pereka

kenapa anda harus date pereka??

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5 Reasons Why You Must Date A Designer

1. Designer is a group of people who think critically,simply,creatively and also inventively. It means that they will think that way to make you happy and feel pleasure.

2. Designers are people who worked to overcome problems and try their best to make sure the problems is settled. So,whenever you had problems,they will also try their best to overcome your problems.

3. Designers are not like an engineer, (oopsiee!! sorry bakal-bakal engineers sekalian!!) who had been restricted according to their rule(of work), a designer's work is according to their desire. Hence, you will not feel like you're been 'prisoned' by them as their work on freedom and free-thinker.

4. Designers are futured-thinker. You'll be facing all your time together are well-planned. So, you'll wont get any trouble.
(part ni i'm not that sure... hehe cause what i usually plan, jadi dot dot dot......)

5. Designing is their main profession,. Every time they design something, you will be the first to try on and you surely will get limited item/s that only you than other people in the world will have that item/s.

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